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Topics (not limited to-)

Culture and Sustainable Development
Cultural aspects
Impact of Culture on the achievement of critical Sustainable Development Goals
Change from global to local
Coexistence of diverse cultures for cultural sustainability
Powering Cultures across Public Policies
Socio Cultural factors and Economic development
Changes in Food Consumption Patterns and Agricultural Production
Changes in the existing patterns of production and consumption
Changes in the political and institutional framework
Principles for a new and equitable global partnership
Women and Sustainable Development
Women Empowerment
Changing Role of women in the Social Context
Socio-Cultural Beliefs and Women Leadership
Health and Well-being of Society
Psycho-Social Basis of Social Change
Socio-Cultural changes and Mental Health
Protecting Mental Health and well-being
Towards a Sustainable Society
Cultural aspects of urban planning
Cultural Rights and Sustainable Development: Legal Perspectives
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Impact of Migration and Socio Cultural Changes in India
Migration and issues of Cultural identity